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WWII Government Involvement in Industry

During World War II the United States government authorized and/or financed industrial plant expansion throughout the U.S. for the war effort. Following are three lists generated from Heritage Research Center, Ltd. databases to help identify many of those facilities.

Authorized Federally Funded Facilities

This compilation contains company names and plant locations for industrial facilities built or expanded during World War II at a cost of over $50,000 each from U.S. government funds. It is derived from a larger list that includes privately-funded plant expansions authorized, but not financed by, the United States. The authorizations cover the time period from July 1940 through August 1945 as reported by the Civilian Production Administration in 1946.

Federally Funded Industries

This listing includes industrial plants and plant sites purchased, constructed or acquired by the United States government for World War II production. The properties included on this list were identified through several sources, including voluminous card files and publications of the Defense Plant Corporation. Many facilities in this group will duplicate entries in the list above.

Industrial Real Property Disposals

This is a representative sample of government-owned properties reported to Congress by the War Assets Administration as disposed of by the end of 1948.