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Chemical Companies Historical Index

City Address Company Name
Abingdon 801 N. Main St. Abingdon Sanitary Mfg. Co.
Alton   Mississippi Lime & Material Co.
Alton 16th Alton Railroad Reliance Whiting Co.
Anna   Illinois Keolin Co.
Aurora   Coal Prods. Mfg. Co.
Belleville 719 Ann St. Johnson Bros. Rendering Works
Belleville Freeburg Rd. Belleville Rendering Co.
Blue Island 127th & Division Streets Chicago Copper & Chemical Co.
Cairo   Interstate Mill & Storage Co.
Cairo   Olive Branch Mineral Prods. Co.
Cairo 802 1/2 Washington St. International Silica Co.
Cairo 807 1/2 Wash Ave. Illinois Minerals
Cave-in Rock   Benzon Fluorspar Co.
Chicago   Allied Mills, Inc.
Chicago   Bear-Steward & Co.
Chicago 1 No. LaSalle St. Solvay Sales Corp.
Chicago 1004 So. California Avenue Trilling & Co.
Chicago 1046 W. Division St. Carroll Chem & Color Co.
Chicago 105 W. Madison St. National Gypsum Co.
Chicago 1051-59 W. 35th St. Newman Tallow & Soap Machinery Co.
Chicago 1056 W. North Avenue Globe Metal Co.
Chicago 107 W. 31st St. E.H. Haines Distributing Co.
Chicago 109 W. Austin Ave. Arthur E. Bennett, Inc.
Chicago 11 E. Austin Avenue Albert Verley, Inc.
Chicago 11 So. Desplaines St. Henning-Larson Glue Co.
Chicago 110 So. Clinton St. Clinton Supply Co.
Chicago 1100 W. Washington Blvd. Flexo Prods. Co.
Chicago 1104 So. Cicero Avenue Certified Core Oil & Mfg. Co.
Chicago 111 W. Austin Avenue Universal Textile Labs
Chicago 111 W. Washington St. A.L. Webster & Co.
Chicago 111 W. Washington St. Lehigh Lime co.
Chicago 1120 N. Ashland Avenue Chicago Vacuum Equipment Co.
Chicago 12042 S. Peoria St. Hammar White Lead Co.
Chicago 1217 w. Monroe St. Coloring Starch Mfg. Co.
Chicago 122 S. Michigan Avenue Peoples Gas By-Prod. Corp.
Chicago 122 S. Michigan Avenue S.H. Stewart Co.
Chicago 123 So. Green St. Gazzolo Drug & Chem. Co.
Chicago 123 So. Jefferson St. Charles J. Sullivan Co.
Chicago 1244 N. Central Pk. Avenue Layton Elastic Glue Co.
Chicago 1269 W. North Ave. General Oil Prods. Co.
Chicago 1269 W. North Avenue Chem. Distributors, Inc.
Chicago 128 No. Wells St. Mallinckrodt Chemical Wks.
Chicago 129 S. Jefferson Steel Sales Corp.
Chicago 1300 W. 32nd Pl. Fitzgerald Brothers
Chicago 1321 S. Michigan Avenue Frankish Bros. Chem. Wks. (of Indiana)
Chicago 1329 N. Mohawk St. Antakawa Co.
Chicago 1342 N. Halsted St. A.P.R. Paste & Glue Co.
Chicago 1355 W. 31st Street Armour & Company
Chicago 140 S. Dearborn St. Raven Mining Co. of Utah
Chicago 141 W. Jackson Blvd. Quaker Oats Company
Chicago 141 W. Jackson Blvd. Victor Chemical Works
Chicago 141 W. Jackson St. Wilbur Ellis Co.
Chicago 1435 W. 37th Street Fletcher Eichman & Co.
Chicago 146 W. Kinzie St. Calco Chem. Co.
Chicago 1460 W. Austin St. Vesuvius Graphite Co.
Chicago 1500 Hyland Ave. A-1 Supply Co., Inc.
Chicago 1500 S. Western Avenue Sterne & Maley Co.
Chicago 1515 Sedgwick St. W.M. Welch Mfg. Co.
Chicago 1525 Newberry Avenue Paul M. Goodwin
Chicago 1525 Newberry Avenue Tunnell & Co. Inc.
Chicago 1530 S. Halsted St. Lopresti Bros., Inc.
Chicago 155 E. Superior St. California Chem. Co.
Chicago 155 E. Superior St. E.H. Sargent & Co.
Chicago 155 E. Superior St. Warner Chemical Co.
Chicago 155 N. Clark St. Deep Rock Oil Corp.
Chicago 155 W. Wacker Dr. Silver Flash Dist.
Chicago 157 W. Austin Avenue Jas. H. Rhodes & Co.
Chicago 159 W. Kinzie St. A. Daigger & Co.
Chicago 16 S. Peoria St. Savoy Drug & Chem. Co.
Chicago 160 E. Illinois St. Reliable Brokerage Co.
Chicago 160 E. Illinois St. Willwerth Chem. Co.
Chicago 160 N. LaSalle St. Marblehead Lime Co.
Chicago 161 E. Grand Avenue Lindsay Light & Chem. Co.
Chicago 1611 Sheffield Avenue Carbite Soap Chem. Co.
Chicago 1637 S. Kilbourn Avenue Scientific Oil Cmpdg Co.
Chicago 1638 So. Seward St. L. Carlton Mertz Co.
Chicago 1645 S. Kilbourne Ave. Acme Oil Corp.
Chicago 1645 S. Kilbourne Avenue A.E. Starkie Company
Chicago 17 N. Sheldon St. Gane Bros. & Lane, Inc.
Chicago 1700 Irving Pk Blvd. Central Scientific Co.
Chicago 1735 N. Ashland Avenue Chicago Apparatus Co.
Chicago 1748 Wilmot Avenue Superior Oil & Supply Co.
Chicago 1755 Armitage Avenue Julian J.K. Hilborn
Chicago 176 W. Adams St. American Bon-Cla Co.
Chicago 1770 Canalport Avenue Paisley Products Inc.
Chicago 180 N. Wacker Dr. Russell H. Albin
Chicago 180 No. Wacker Dr. Heyden Chemical Corp
Chicago 185 N. Wabash Avenue Cable Chem Works
Chicago 1857 N. Tripp Avenue F.B. Hartl & Co.
Chicago 1872 Clybourn St. Jas. B. Day & Co.
Chicago 19 N. Curtis St. White Rock Silica Co.
Chicago 1908 W. Maypole Avenue Crown Rheostat & Supply Co.
Chicago 1909 Clifton Avenue Wm. Cooper & Nephews
Chicago 1940 Carroll Avenue Western Paste & Gum Co. , c/o National Adhesive Corp.
Chicago 20 N. Wacker Dr. American Cyanamid & Chem. Corp.
Chicago 20 N. Wacker Drive Pennsylvania Salt Mfg. Co.
Chicago 201 N. Wells Bldg. Frank B. Tracy
Chicago 201 N. Wells St. American Extract Co.
Chicago 2012 Larabee St. National Steel & Copper Plate Co.
Chicago 205 N. Wacker Drive Industrial Chem. Sales Co., Inc.
Chicago 205 W. LaSalle St. National Oxygen Co.
Chicago 205 W. Wacker Dr. Gasses, Inc.
Chicago 205 W. Wacker Drive Mineral Point Zinc Co.
Chicago 205 W. Wacker Drive Philadelphia Quartz Co.
Chicago 2070 N. Lincoln St. Northwestern Pine Tar Co.
Chicago 208 S. LaSalle St. American Sheet & Tin Plate Co.
Chicago 208 S. LaSalle St. Illinois Steel Co.
Chicago 208 So. LaSalle St. Brown-Edwards Co.
Chicago 208 W. Washington St. Morton Salt Co.
Chicago 21 N. Curtis St. Wehenn Abrasive Co.
Chicago 2101 Canalport Avenue Grasselli Chem. Co.
Chicago 2113 Canton St. Frederick A. Stresen-Reuter
Chicago 2136 Dominick St. The Tannade Co.
Chicago 215 W. Ohio St. Riviera Products Co.
Chicago 2158 Burling St. Lundquist Laundry Sup. Co.
Chicago 219 E. North Water Street A.C. Drury & Co.
Chicago 220 W. Kinzie United Indigo & Chem. Co.
Chicago 2200 Lumber ST. American Linseed Co.
Chicago 221 N. LaSalle St. Cudahy Packing Co.
Chicago 221 No. LaSalle St. Compressed Industrial Gases, Inc.
Chicago 2212 Sunnyside Avenue Sunnyside Oil Co.
Chicago 222 N. Bank Dr. Rainbow Color Co.
Chicago 222 W. No. Bank Dr. James H. Devine Co.
Chicago 224 S. Michigan Avenue L.D. Allen Metal Works
Chicago 2243 Lister Avenue Chester H. Wright Co.
Chicago 2244 S. Western Avenue Shaving & Sawdust Co.
Chicago 2250 W. 58th St. Frank Miller & Sons
Chicago 2251 W. Grand Ave. Illinois Adhesive & Mfg. Co.
Chicago 228 No. LaSalle St. Fred L. Brooke
Chicago 228 No. LaSalle St. George B. Cary & Son, Inc.
Chicago 228 No. LaSalle St. Tamms Silica Co.
Chicago 228 W. Huron St., 5800 Northwest Hwy Neumann, Buslee & Wolfe
Chicago 230 N. Canal St. The Blanton Co.
Chicago 230 N. Michigan Avenue Oxweld Railroad Service Co.
Chicago 231 So. LaSalle St. North Shore Coke & Chem. Co.
Chicago 2327 W. 18th St. Williamson Glue & Gum Co.
Chicago 2354 N. Claybourne St. Uzit Clay Prods. Co.
Chicago 236-238 W. North Avenue George A. Schmidt Co.
Chicago 25 E. Jackson Blvd. Wood Chemical Prods. Co.
Chicago 2501 So. Hoyne St. Illinois Lead Co.
Chicago 2513 S. Daman Avenue Reilly Tar & Chem. Corp.
Chicago 2515 W. 35th St. Candy & Co.
Chicago 2520 S. Quarry St. The Martin-Senour Co.
Chicago 2526 W. Congress St. Chicago Sanitary Prods. Co.
Chicago 2539 W. Lake St. Allied Finishing Specialties Co.
Chicago 2545 W. Congress St. W.J. Hough Co.
Chicago 2549 W. Madison St. Wm. J. Stange Co.
Chicago 2558 W. 16th St. James T. Ryerson & Son
Chicago 2560 Armitage Avenue Hysan Products Co.
Chicago 2608 Arthington Murray & Nickell Mfg. Co.
Chicago 2630 W. Arthington St. Jordan Co.
Chicago 2670 Elston Avenue Van Camp Oil Prods. Co.
Chicago 2719 So. Michigan Ave. T.B. Kane Mfg. Co.
Chicago 2727 Archer Avenue The Lignotite Co.
Chicago 2733 Madison St. Consumers Paper Co.
Chicago 2737 Fulton St. I.B. Winter & Co.
Chicago 2800 So. Sacramento Avenue The Barrett Co.
Chicago 2807 W. Lake National Cleaners and Chem. Sup. Co.
Chicago 2808 S. Crawford St. Star Chemical Co.
Chicago 2841 S. Ashland Avenue Stein Hall Mfg. Co.
Chicago 29 N. Wabash Avenue Benner Chemical Co.
Chicago 300 W. Adams St. U.S. Gypsum Co.
Chicago 300 W. Adams St. Wm Eisenstadt
Chicago 300 West Adams Street General Chemical Co.
Chicago 3001 W. 47th Street DeMert & Dougherty
Chicago 3042 Archer Avenue Commerce Petroleum Co.
Chicago 305 W. Randolph St. General Dyestuff Corp.
Chicago 308 W. Washington St. Fred C. Adams Co.
Chicago 309 So. LaSalle St. Chicago Wood By-Products Co.
Chicago 310 So. Michigan Avenue Climax Molybdenum Co.
Chicago 310 So. Michigan Blvd. Mathieson Alkali Wks., Inc.
Chicago 3100 S. Kedsie Avenue Liquid Carbonic Corp.
Chicago 3146 W. VanBuren St. Geo A. Wisdom & Co.
Chicago 317 No. Wells St. James B. Downing & Co.
Chicago 318 W. Washington Norman-Willets Co.
Chicago 321-323 Sheldon St. Keystone Aniline & Chemical Co., Inc.
Chicago 323 W. Polk St. Frank Z. Woods
Chicago 324 W. Huron St. E.M. Tysdal
Chicago 3248-62 W. 47th Pl. Bradshaw-Praeger & Co.
Chicago 325 W. Huron St. Edgar A. Weber & Co.
Chicago 325 W. Huron St. W.H. Schutte Co., Inc.
Chicago 327 S. La Salle St. H. Bernstein
Chicago 327 S. LaSalle St. Joseph H. Schmaltz
Chicago 327 S. LaSalle St. Roesling, Monroe & Co.
Chicago 327 S. LaSalle Street The Davidson Commission Co.
Chicago 327 So. LaSalle St. Geo. Tschaptat & Son
Chicago 327 So. LaSalle Street C.H. Jacoby & Co.
Chicago 33 No. Wabash Avenue Platinum-Chromium Co., Inc.
Chicago 33 S. Clark St. Superior Flake Graphite Co.
Chicago 332 S. LaSalle St. Southern Illinois Mfg. Co.
Chicago 332 S. LaSalle St. Tenn-Illinois Phosphate Co.
Chicago 332 S. LaSalle St. Thomson Phosphate Co.
Chicago 332 S. LaSalle St. Bldg. Sterne & Son Co.
Chicago 332 S. Michigan Avenue Central Commercial Co.
Chicago 332 S. Michigan Avenue Illinois Zinc Co.
Chicago 332 S. Michigan Avenue J.W. Revel & Company
Chicago 332 S. Michigan Blvd. American Distilling Co., Inc.
Chicago 332 S. Michigan Blvd. Kessler Chemical Corp.
Chicago 332 So. Michigan Avenue American Mineral Spirits Co.
Chicago 332 So. Michigan Avenue David Lewis
Chicago 332 So. Michigan Blvd. E.I. Du Pont de Nemours & Co.
Chicago 3328 N. Clark St. Best Oils Refining Co.
Chicago 3333 N. Marsfield Avenue Frederick Schroeder
Chicago 3358 Avondale Avenue Van Schaack Bros. Chem. Wrks.
Chicago 3424 W. 48th Place Caspers Tin Plate Co.
Chicago 3537 W. North Avenue Berland's
Chicago 3551 Ogden Avenue Lauber & Lauber Co.
Chicago 357 W. Erie St. National Aniline & Chemical Co.
Chicago 361 W. Superior St. Long Chem. Co.
Chicago 3620 W. 38th St. National Flexible Glue Co.
Chicago 3625 Jasper Pl. National Oil Prods. Co.
Chicago 3625 Jasper Place Metasap Chem. Co.
Chicago 363 W. Erie St. National Wax Co.
Chicago 363 W. Superior St. American Colloid Co.
Chicago 365 E. Illinois St. Wishnick-Tumpeer, Inc.
Chicago 3650 S. Homan Avenue W.H. Barber Co.
Chicago 3728 S. Racine Avenue Tin Plate Sales Corp.
Chicago 3752 So. Calif. Avenue Illinois Smelting & Refining Co.
Chicago 3752 So. California Avenue Sandoval Zinc Co.
Chicago 37th & Racine Avenue Goris & Arnstein, Inc.
Chicago 38 S. Dearborn St. Hillside Fluorspar Mines
Chicago 38 So. Dearborn St. Inland Tar Company
Chicago 38 So. Dearborn St. J. Wilhelm
Chicago 38 So. Dearborn St. Wedron Silica Company
Chicago 400 W. Madison St. Harry Holland & Son
Chicago 400 W. Madison St. Standard Silica Co.
Chicago 4010 S. Wells St. Acid Prods. Corp.
Chicago 4010 S. Wells St. Schiffman Bros., Inc.
Chicago 4057 S. Halsted St. Joseph Novotney & Co.
Chicago 408 S. Peoria St. King Paste & Glue Co.
Chicago 4100 S. Ashland Avenue Central Chemical Co.
Chicago 4100 S. Ashland Avenue United Chem. & Org. Prod.
Chicago 4103 So. LaSalle St. Arthur C. Trask Co.
Chicago 411 N. Lincoln St. The Bell Co.
Chicago 412 W. Pershing Rd. H. Gartenberg & Co.
Chicago 420 N. Western Avenue Walter H. Jelly & Co.
Chicago 4201 S. Ashland Avenue Darling & Co.
Chicago 4221 S. Western Avenue The Wilson Labs
Chicago 4251 Ogden Avenue L'Hommedieu & Sons Co.
Chicago 43 E. Ohio St. Calcium Carbonate Co.
Chicago 43 E. Ohio St. Joseph Turner & Co.
Chicago 4341 Roosevelt Avenue Standard Peroxide Co.
Chicago 4341 Roosevelt Rd. Excello Drug Import Co.
Chicago 435 N. Michigan Avenue Harry Haze, Inc.
Chicago 435 N. Michigan Avenue Harry Lightstone
Chicago 435 No. Michigan Avenue Merchants Chemical Co.
Chicago 435 So. Western Avenue U.S. Sanitary Specialties Corp.
Chicago 438 W. Ontario St. American Mfg. Co.
Chicago 439 N. Orleans St. James S. Bent & Co.
Chicago 43rd St. & Racine Avenue Morris & Co.
Chicago 4427 W. Kinzie St. Miller Gum Co.
Chicago 444 W. Grand Avenue Charles Pfizer & Co., Inc.
Chicago 448 E. Oakwood St. Patty Manufacturing Co.
Chicago 451 St. Clair St. Columbia Alkali Corp.
Chicago 455 E. Water St. Champion Chem. Wks
Chicago 4640 W. Belle Pln Ave. Sethness Products Co.
Chicago 4741 W. Lake St. Ready Solvents Corp.
Chicago 4750 Sheridan Rd. Texto Prods. Corp.
Chicago 4820 S. Richmond St. Huegel-Nugent Petroleum Co.
Chicago 500 No. Dearborn St. Monsanto Chemical Co.
Chicago 503 S. Maplewood Avenue Johnson Solvents Co.
Chicago 506 So. Canal St. Illinois Glue Works
Chicago 509 N. Wells St. Paul O. May
Chicago 510 N. Dearborn St. Fred A. Jensen
Chicago 5121 W. Chicago Avenue Wolf Chem. & Color Sup.
Chicago 520 N. Michigan Avenue Proctor & Johnson
Chicago 520 No. Michigan Avenue Canton Tin Plate Corp.
Chicago 5224 N.W. Highway Antiseptol Co., Inc.
Chicago 526 W. 18th St. Sterling Borax Co.
Chicago 53 W. Jackson Blvd. Standard Gelatine Co.
Chicago 536 So. Clark St. Abcarlton & VanderSmissen
Chicago 538 So. Clark St. Glogau & co.
Chicago 540 Randolph St. Fuller Morrison Co.
Chicago 549 W. Randolph St. Vyse Co., Arthur F.
Chicago 55 E. Washington St. Linick, Green & Reed, Inc.
Chicago 564 W. Monroe St. Illinois Bronze Powder Co.
Chicago 58 E. Washington Goldsmith Brothers Smelting & Refining Co.
Chicago 5818 S. Throop St. Superior Copper Products Co.
Chicago 59 E. Madison St. Gillet Saffron Co.
Chicago 59 E. Madison Street The Emulsol Corp.
Chicago 600 W. 41st St. Great Western Smelting & Refining Co.
Chicago 601 W. 80th St. National Casein Co.
Chicago 602 W. Randolph St. Chicago Color Co.
Chicago 608 S. Dearborn St. Manhattan Paste & Glue Co.
Chicago 608 W. 52nd St. Western Dry Color Co.
Chicago 612 W. Randolph St. Sullivan Oil co.
Chicago 620 Orleans St. Maher Color & Chem. Co.
Chicago 6221 W. 66th Place National Aluminate Corp.
Chicago 624 S. Michigan Blvd. J.T. Baker Chemical Co.
Chicago 6501 So. Wabash Avenue Sager Oil Co.
Chicago 6540 S. Central Avenue Ohmlac Paint & Refining Co.
Chicago 659 Washington Blvd. Hooker Glass & Paint Mfg. Co.
Chicago 6901 W. 65th St. Allen B. Wrisley Dist. Co.
Chicago 700 W. Division St. Theo. B. Robertson Prods. Co.
Chicago 711 W. Monroe St. Chicago Glue Corp.
Chicago 722 W. Austin Avenue Innis Speiden & Co., Inc.
Chicago 724 W. Washington St. Jno P. Barden
Chicago 730 Harrison St. Western Chalk Co.
Chicago 732 Federal St. The Edwal Labs
Chicago 733 W. Ohio St. Glue Products Co.
Chicago 754 W. Mather St. Schaar & Co.
Chicago 7800 South Woodlawn Avenue Van Cleef Bros.
Chicago 8 S. Michigan Avenue Hoover & Mason Phosphate Co.
Chicago 8 W. Austin Avenue M.H. Fairchild & Bros., Inc.
Chicago 80 E. Jackson Blvd. General Alloys Co.
Chicago 821 Railway Exchange Bldg. Crossett Chemical Co.
Chicago 834 E. 55th St.. Nathan & Co.
Chicago 836 Kinzie St. Division Lead Co.
Chicago 844 N. Rush St. Jas. H. Furman Co.
Chicago 844 Rush St. C.M. Baldwin
Chicago 844 Rush St. United Carbon Co.
Chicago 9 S. Clinton St. Edward J. Lewis
Chicago 9 So. Clinton St. Miner Laboratories
Chicago 900 W. 18th St. E.W. Blatchford & Co.
Chicago 900 W. 18th St. Hirst & Begley Linseed Wks.
Chicago 900 W. Bliss St. Jos. F. Herrmann Glue Co.
Chicago 910 S. Michigan Avenue Standard Oil Co. of Ind.
Chicago 917 W. 18th St. Kraft Chem. Co., Inc.
Chicago 919 No. Michigan Clarence Morgan Inc.
Chicago 930 No. Halstead St. Rohm & Haas Co., Inc.
Chicago Box 3610 Merchandise Mart Station L.R. Van Allen & Company
Chicago Carbide & Carbon Company Stauffer Chemical Company
Chicago First Natl. Bk. Bldg. Inland Steel Co.
Chicago Illinois and LaSalle St. Crescent Bronze Powder Co.
Chicago So. Robinson St. and the Canal Diamond Glue Co.
Chicago U.S. Yards Wilson & Co.
Chicago Union Stock Yards Swift & Co.
Chicago Victor J. Laflin & W. 43rd St. Poll & Co.
Chicago W. 41st and S. Ashland Streets Atlantic Lard Co.
Chicago W. Huron St. Leo G. Stein & Co.
Chicago West Pullman Carter White Lead Co.
Chicago Heights   Z-Ro Specialties Co.
Cicero 5005 W. 25th St. Jos. J. Zbetovsky
Danville   Hegeler Zinc Co.
Danville RR 1 Danville Rendering Co.
Decatur   A.E. Staley Mfg. Co.
Decatur 148 N. Franklin St. Flint, Eaton & Co.
Decatur 1900 N. Samuels Schellabarger Grain Prods. Co.
Des Plaines 521 Santa Rosa Dr. Neumann Buslee & Wolfe, Inc.
East St. Louis 20th & Lynch Avenue Geo. S. Mepham Corp.
East St. Louis 2100 St. Louis Hill-Thomas Lime & Cement Co.
East St. Louis 305 St. Clair Hammar Bros. White Lead Co.
East St. Louis 3300 Missouri St. Aluminum Ore Co.
East St. Louis Box 495 American Zinc Co. of Illinois
East St. Louis Monsanto P.O. Evans-Wallower Zinc Co.
East St. Louis National Stock Yards E. St. Louis Cotton Oil Co.
East St. Louis National Stock Yards E. St. Louis Rendering Co.
Forest Park   U.S. Mica Mfg. Co
Forest Park   U.S. Silica Mfg. Co.
Freeport   Burgess Cellulose Co.
Granite City   St. Louis Gas & Coke Corp.
Graylake   Graylake Gelatin Co.
Joliet   Superior Chem. Co.
Joliet 610 Railroad Avenue F.E. Schundler & Co.
Joliet Industry Avenue Calumet Chem. Co.
Joliet Patterson Rd. Blockson Chem. Co.
LaSalle   Superior Phosphate Co.
LaSalle 1377 8th St. Carus Chemical Co.
LaSalle 9th St. Matthiessen & Hegeler Zinc Co.
Lyons P.O. Box A Lewis Tar Prods., Inc.
Marseilles   The Standard Silicate Co.
Maywood 201 S. 2nd Avenue Wm. G. Sibbach & Co.
North Chicago   Abbott Laboratories
North Chicago 2200 Sherdan Rd. Fansteel Metallurgical Corp.
Olmstead   Sinclair Refining Co.
Oregon   National Silica Co.
Ottawa Box 505 Ottawa Silica Co.
Peoria   Woolner & Co.
Peoria 1112 Lehmann Bldg. Central Ill. Labs, Inc.
Peoria 2800 N. Adams St. Allaire, Woodward Co.
Peoria 412 Central Nat. Bk Bldg Kessler Chemical Corp.
Peoria 412 Central Nat. Bk Bldg. The American Distilling Co., Inc.
Peoria Ft. of Sanger Peoria Rendering Co.
Peoria Union Stock Yards Stock Yards Rendering Co.
Peoria Union Stockyards Faber & Co.
Quincy   Monroe Chem. Co.
Quincy Front & 8th Streets Black White Lime Co.
Rock Island 1808 1st Avenue L.R. Mace Company
Rock Island 2400 Mill St. Black Hawk Chem. Co.
Rockford   Worthington & Reinhardt
Rockford 1140 Harrison Avenue Libby Oil & Chem. Co.
Rockton   Manlev Sand Co.
Rosiclare   Franklin Fluorspar Co.
Rosiclare   Rosiclare Lead & Fluorspar Mining Co.
Waukegan 104 Lakeview Avenue Pfanstielh Chemical Co.
Waukegan 2208 Washington St. Illinois Wax & Soap Ind.
Wilmette   Carl A. Lechner